Providing spectacular shelter solutions for every kind of event worldwide. We offer creative shelter event solutions that range frome covering a floating lake pavilion to the chosen shelter products for the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games. Creative Tent International is an innovator and leader in design and manufacturing, meeting the demands of the commercial event industry. Our unique and proprietary product design seamlessly incorporates utility, functionality and beauty in to the perfect structures that dazzle and outperform the rest. Qwiktrac®, Fastrack®, Shasta Peak®, Quik-Span®, Acadaspan®, and Shasta Shelter® are modular and portable, integrating aluminum frame and tensioned fabric into a sleek structure with a complete line of accessories to make your event spectacular!

Qwiktrac® – The Engineered Frame Tent

Qwiktrac® is designed for the Rental Market, where set-up and take-down time are determining factors for selecting a product line. Qwiktrac is the next step above pole tents and canopies to sophisticated tent designs. Our snap-and-fit frame is fast and easy to install. The tensioned fabric system is attractive and snug. Qwiktrac® is your worry

Fastrack® 022 – The Tent for Any Event

Fastrack® 022– proprietary and patented designs that enhance the ease of installation and offer design flexibility while meeting strict engineering requirements. For a durable, reliable, high quality engineered tent structure, the Fastrack 022® offers the best return on your investment. Fastrack® 022 Specifications Widths: 10′, 20′, 30′, 40′, 50′, 60′ Bay Spacing: 10′,15′,20′ 20 Degree

Fastrack® 062 – The Efficient Large Scale Portable Structure or Tent

Fastrack® 062 is the efficient structure for large volume events. Designed for quick installations and easy handling, Fastrack can be installed on any surface without foundations required. This patented design is re-locatable and is also a great solution for permanent projects. Fastrack® 062 Specifications Widths: 40′, 50′, 60′, 80’, 100’ Bay Spacing: 10′,15′, 20′ 20

Shasta Peak® – The Engineered Clear Span High Peak Structure

The Shasta Peak® transforms the O22 and O62 Fastrack beams into high peak style for your most sophisticated events! Enjoy your event without interior obstructions – its clear span! The Shasta Peak design is elegant, festive and engineered for high wind and snow loads. Start with the Shasta Peak® or retrofit your existing Fastrack® beams

Fastrack® 160 (New Product)

Fastrack® 160 is the Best Large Event Structure in the World! Simply, there is no other structure like the Fastrack 160, reaching clear span widths to 160′ with the same impressive characteristics of all Fastrack products. Curved eave and apex enhances the strength and beauty of the unit, tensions the fabric for sleek lines and

Quik-Span® – Create Large Space Efficiently

Quik-Span® (also known as Acadaspan®) is designed for large or long term events, or projects that require heavy loading. Portable and re-locatable, these structures can be expansive yet, easy to install on any surface. Well engineered for wind, snow, and hanging weights, Quik-Span® is a proven high capacity structure. Quik-Span® Specifications Clear Span Widths: 40′,

Business in a box

Creative Tent is committed to helping you start or grow your rental business. Our Business in a box is designed to caterer specifically to the event rental industry and comes in three sizes that are easily configured to meet all of your event needs….. Creative Tent’s proprietary product designs can be sized and accessorized for


Creative Tent International, Inc offers worldwide turn-key installation of all its products and many options to complete your structure needs. Doors, Lighting, Floors, HVAC and more… pick your category to begin!