“I can’t thank you enough for your timely response to our request for assistance. You have been the most responsive shelter contractor we have worked with thus far.”
MGySgt Kevin D. Basso, 2D MAW (FWD) Engineer Officer

Large Events

Add dramatic decorating to create your unique event. Be the place where events happen! Graduations, Celebrations, Gatherings & More… Offer resort services and a wider variety of events at your facility. Temporary or permanent structures to expand your facility and extend your season. Creative Tent International, Inc. 451 Mirror Ct. Ste. 101 Henderson, NV 89011

Disaster Events

Emergency Shelters When disasters occur around the world, be ready with engineered structures to help overcome devastation with quick substantial solutions. Engineered structures offer security and organization to the turmoil and will carry through the recovery plan. Creative Tent International, Inc.451 Mirror Ct. Ste. 101Henderson, NV 89011 Toll free: (888) 484-8368Ph# (702) 789-2620Fax (702) 272-0891


  For seasonal or permanent activities, large or small. Protect surfaces and keep the game going. Extend your season, increase sales, and attractions. Playgrounds & Play Areas Play in the shade with covered playgrounds for all seasons. Swimming Pools Swim outdoor in summer and indoor in winter. Skating Rinks Ice skating or roller hocky, covered


Rental businesses investing in product lines find everything they need in the Qwiktrac® Fastrack® Shasta Peak® and Quik-Span® for any size event they offer. Expandable in width and length and available with different end configurations you can offer your customers every option with a sleek look they will love and engineering to handle any environment.


The Shasta Shelter® FTS provide large area maintenance shelters, medium and small shelters, for mission essentials or morale welfare recreation activities. Deployable units are temporary and re-locatable, quick and easy installation, expandable and modular. Used by the US Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force worldwide. The Shasta Shelter® Series includes the FTS 20, FTS 50,

Hotels & Resorts

Create your unique space and expand activities for your customers from simple to lavish for banquets, corporate events, conferences, tours; per event or year round. We will help you determine the best configuration for your business and refer you to our local expert to service your project. Events, Banquets, Tournaments & More… Offer resort services