Qwiktrac® – The Engineered Frame Tent

Qwiktrac® is designed for the Rental Market, where set-up and take-down time are determining factors for selecting a product line. Qwiktrac is the next step above pole tents and canopies to sophisticated tent designs. Our snap-and-fit frame is fast and easy to install. The tensioned fabric system is attractive and snug. Qwiktrac® is your worry free tent solution.

  • Widths: 10′,15′,20′,30′,40′,50′
  • Expandable Mid Sections: 10′,15′,20′
  • Standard Frame Tent 20 Degree Pitch
  • 18 oz Laminate Fabric – standard
  • Tracked Tensioned Top and Walls
  • Sliding Wall is Standard
  • 70mph Certified Engineering per IBC (International Building Code)
  • Hanging Load 1 psf
  • Snow Loading Upon Request
  • Staked Base Plates
  • No foundation required
  • SET UP SAMPLE for 30’ x 60’ QWIKTRAC®
    • Installation time: 3 hours (varies with expertise)
    • No Special tools needed; FastJack™ optional
    • Manpower: 3-4 men
    • Approximate weight: 3,550 lbs