Creative Tent International Inc. (CTI) is a proud ISO certified, American manufacturer.  We design, engineer, manufacture, sell and maintain superior, high tension fabric, semi-permanent, clear-span structures.  Our products and systems go through rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure that we provide our customers with a repeatable level of quality that greatly surpasses global safety and consistency standards.  This disciplined commitment to excellence is the undergirding of what we believe it takes to don the tag, “Made in the USA.”

CTI leads the industry in providing our troops with rapidly deployable, modularly configured shelters that deliver safe, reliable, turnkey solutions for every mission including billeting and storage to sunshades and hangars for aircraft, from the MH6M up to the C-5 Super Galaxy.  CTI Shasta Shelters® are actively serving as mobile dining facilities, warehouses, maintenance facilities, classrooms, medical facilities, offices, and training/fitness facilities—all constructed of the highest-grade aluminum and heavy-duty woven coated fabric.   This design feature makes our structures truly deployable, saving our customers time, money, and resources versus steel structures which are heavier, requiring larger ship-cube sizes and container counts, cranes, and foundation-work—rendering them non-deployable.

Our interoperable parts and patent-pending modular configuration are unique to the high-tension fabric structure industry.   Coupled with our easy snap-lock beams, this creates a safe, deployable structure that is ground-erectable with limited use of tools or equipment.  This mission-critical feature is one of the key distinctions that allow for true deploy-ability and has earned CTI the MLAMS contract, changing the LAMS perspective from Large Area Maintenance Shelter to Modular Large Area Maintenance Shelter.  CTI is proudly responsible for putting the “M” in MLAMS.

Tantamount to the value of our innovative product’s impact on mission success is our commitment to support and service for our end-user customer.  Our service concept goes beyond the industry standard of availability by phone or email for technical assistance.  CTI’s way of serving our customers is to be tactile in our approach —to have a clear and functional relationship with the men and women in the field with our boots on the ground; hands-on, maintaining and supporting—serving the warfighter mission in real-time.

Creative Tent International (CTI) was founded in 2004 by Robert Stafford and Carol Fontius. Since it’s creation, CTI has expanded to more than 60 countries around the globe.

Creative Tent is your guide for a better way to build.

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We have supplied shelter to thousands of projects in over 60 countries.

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All products manufactured by Creative Tent are backed with a one-year manufacturing guarantee. Ask about our extended warranties.