• MLAMS Contract W56HZV-17-D-0017
  • Foreign Military Sales
  • GSA Service Contract 47QFSA19D0006
  • BERRY Amendment Compliant
  • DLA TLS Tailored Logistic Support
  • NFPA 701 Fire Code for Occupancy
  • Government Purchase Cards
  • ISO 9001:2015


  • GSA Contract GS-07F-0317T
  • ARA American Rental Association
  • IFAI Industrial Fabric Association Int’l
  • NDIA Natl. Defense Industrial Association
  • Winner of 2007 JEDI Innovative Business Award
  • Inc. 5000 Honoree for 2008-2010


The Shasta Shelter® modular product lines are designed to efficiently serve military and industrial needs for aircraft and vehicle maintenance, billeting, dining halls, storage and warehousing, command post centers, training facilities and more.


Serving Troops Worldwide

The Shasta Shelter® product line is recognized for quality, advanced engineering, exceptional past field performance in the field and optimal price to value ratio for military and industrial applications. Shasta Shelter® interim re-locatable facilities are a smart solution to fit your budget and make your mission operational immediately. Rapid deployment structures designed for quick installation, easy handling and durability in tough field conditions, the Shasta Shelter® can be installed on any surface – no foundations required. This patented interoperable design is re-locatable with modular configuration options that are adaptable to evolving requirements such as BARE BASE Buildup environments.

Building an airfield anywhere in the world is easy with Shasta Shelter® aircraft hangars. Sunshades or completely enclosed facilities accommodate rotary wing or fixed wing aircraft such as the Blackhawk helicopter, C-130 airplanes, Osprey tiltrotor aircraft, UAV’s, RAV’s, CH53, the SkyTruck or complete camps.


Providing Structure in Chaos

The key to successful disaster relief response is preparation and planning; CTI offers both. Our structures are designed for quick installation and easy handling in tough field conditions. The Shasta Shelter® can be installed on any surface without foundations. This patented design is re-locatable with configuration options for interoperability best suited to the next requirement, while preserving structural integrity in extreme conditions.

Creative Tent International provides turnkey solutions to disaster relief offering the ability to establish pre-positioned units designed specifically for a disaster situation. These units can be strategically stored with a pre-planned deployment strategy to provide quick and efficient disaster relief in the for hospitals, dining rooms, single-family shelters, schools as well as community, storage and distribution centers. CTI is taking disaster preparedness to the next level with the development of integrated solar packages that can be deployed with each unit to power lights and outlets to provide immediate security and communication capabilities for disaster victims. We have on call technical representatives to immediately assist in the erection of the units on site.

You can never be too prepared, but with Creative Tent International we can provide a solution for planning a functional and effective disaster response. When disasters occur around the world, be ready with engineered structures to help overcome devastation with quick substantial solutions. Engineered structures offer security and organization to the turmoil and facilitate the recovery plan.


Ready for a better way to build?


Speak with our experienced sales team and we will help you pick out the best structure(s) and accessories to suit your needs.


Our team of experienced designers and craftsmen manufacture your structure in 4-6 weeks.


Your structure is shipped to you via land, air or sea, ready to build. You’ll work with our expertly trained service team to ensure a safe and efficient installation.


You are up and running in hours or days knowing that you have a safe, compliant and fully operational structure. Realize Your Potential; You are ready for action.

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