GSA Service & Maintenance Contract #GS47QFSA19D0006

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Site Evaluation, Design Consulting & Procurement Process Assistance

For projects requiring specialized design or unique site requirements we offer advanced site evaluations and on site design consultations to ensure a smooth and efficient construction and deployment of our shelter systems. Our sales and technical experts are with you through the entire process of procuring, designing, accessorizing and building your fabric structure.

Turnkey Installation Service

Our team of specifically trained fabric structure technicians manage and execute the installation of your fabric structure. Our team provides the tools, equipment and personnel, guaranteeing you an efficient and precise installation of your structure and accessories. All site preparation and any foundation work is the responsibility of the customer.

Technical Oversight & Support

Utilize the expertise of our on site Technical Rep to train and guide your own crew in the installation of your shelter. Labor, equipment, tools, safety procedures and equipment are supplied and managed by the customer. (Terms and conditions apply.)


Need help taking down or moving your structure? We are at your service to quickly and attentively strike your structure and get your ready for your next project.


We want to help you maximize your structure’s use and longevity so you’re ready for anything. Let us help you with our complete maintenance plan which includes regular in-person inspections, personnel training, inventory of parts, and repairs.


Should an incident occur that requires the repair of replacement of any parts of your fabric structure our team is standing by to assist and repair any problems.

Ready for a better way to build?


Speak with our experienced sales team and we will help you pick out the best structure(s) and accessories to suit your needs.


Our team of experienced designers and craftsmen manufacture your structure in 4-6 weeks.


Your structure is shipped to you via land, air or sea, ready to build. You’ll work with our expertly trained service team to ensure a safe and efficient installation.


You are up and running in hours or days knowing that you have a safe, compliant and fully operational structure. Realize Your Potential; You are ready for action.

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